Binghamton is an eclectic mix of cool and quaint; cutting edge and yesteryear.

IBM was founded 10 miles from downtown, and still operates here. We design and assemble some of the most sophisticated helicopters in the world. The entire simulation industry started here. And we pursue cutting-edge technology, both in the field at companies like BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin, and at Binghamton University, an A-level research facility. Our start-up companies will build a new world for the coming generations.

For the sports nut, we have Division I basketball, AHL hockey and AA baseball – the Mets franchise. We have a tidy industry in hosting sports events, too, from the Chris Thater Memorial bicycle race to the Dick's Open.

For the arts enthusiast, our First Fridays will give you a walking tour of some of the nicest galleries in the Northeast, in a revitalized downtown that preserved its heritage and architecture. The Rod Serling Film Festival (The Twilight Zone creator was raised here) is a good discovery spot for young filmmakers.

For the community-oriented, the annual Spiedie Fest and almost-weekly events give you a chance to chat with 200,000 neighbors. The schools are great, and you’ll never be afraid to let the kids play alone in the back yard. Our parks, zoo and museums are designed for families to enjoy themselves.

New York and Philadelphia are so close that hopping in the car for a day of shopping is no big deal. Boston, Toronto and Washington, D.C. are easy weekend getaways. But just 15 minutes from downtown, you’ll find land untouched for two centuries, just so you can get your solitude fix.

We pretty much have it all in Binghamton.

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