Helping our manufacturing clients keep ahead of the curve is what we do best at Davidson Fox.  We go beyond traditional tax and audit services to become more than just your accounting firm, we work to become an integral part of your business.  Our experienced team of accounting professionals work with you and your team to implement enhancements that help you stay aware of industry changes to stay profitable and keep ahead of the competition.

Manufacturing Businesses We Serve:

  •   Oilfield product manufacturers
  •   Automotive equipment manufacturers
  •   Aerospace equipment manufacturing
  •   Military defense contractors
  •   Food processing equipment
  •   Specialty plastics manufacturing
  •   Tool and die/machine shops


From Main Street mom and pop shops, to national restaurant franchises, our seasoned accounting professionals understand the factors that drive the retail sector and we can help you understand these market forces to help drive your business decisions.

Types of Retail Businesses We Serve:

  •   Apparel and footwear storefronts
  •   Personal and household products
  •   Food and beverage
  •   Food processing
  •   Grocery chains
  •   Specialty retail stores
  •   Big-box retailers
  •   Catalog/Internet
  •   Auto dealerships
  •   Wholesale and distribution


Davidson Fox has been as the forefront of the many significant changes in healthcare accounting that have occurred in the last few decades.  We have helped our clients navigate through the complex issues of government regulation and intervention, managed care, practice management and much more. Our team understands that the financial success in the healthcare industry is no longer solely dependent upon the skills of a medical professional.  We help medical practices, dental practices and healthcare organizations improve cash flow, track revenue, and enhance profitability.  This allows for doctors and healthcare professionals to devote their time to where it is needed most – to their patients.

Healthcare Organizations & Practices We Serve:

  •   Private physician practices
  •   Independent physician associations
  •   Single-specialty clinics
  •   Integrated physician practices
  •   Multispecialty clinics
  •   Hospital-based physicians
  •   Dental offices
  •   Nursing care facilities
  •   Medical laboratories

Construction/Real Estate

When developers, real estate professionals and contractors need accounting and tax services from a firm with an experienced group of professionals, they turn to Davidson Fox.  We stay ahead of regulatory changes and develop tax strategies so that we can best serve your needs through our innovative solutions and service offerings.

There are several factors that are instrumental in staying profitable under today’s challenging conditions facing real estate professionals & construction companies:  Limited financing options in our current tumultuous economic conditions, a fiercely competitive market that causes daily trials and tribulations, and the struggle to continuously maintain profitability throughout it all.  This is why at Davidson Fox, we work with you during all stages of your business from initial funding to tax planning and future forecasting.

Types of Real Estate & Construction Businesses We Serve:

  •   Commercial and residential developers
  •   Mixed-use land developers
  •   Contractors
  •   Commercial and multifamily property owners
  •   Property management companies
  •   Hotel developers
  •   Real estate brokers and mortgage companies
  •   Golf course resort developers and operators
  •   Condominium and resort developers
  •   HVAC & plumbing contractors

Professional Service Firms

Every successful professional services firm knows they need a specialized accounting firm to help them with their financial and accounting needs.  Whether you own a law firm, engineering firm, advertising or marketing firm or an insurance agency, we know what it takes to help you succeed.

From making payroll to establishing a system for billing and collection, the professionals at Davidson Fox create quantifiable value for your firm.  We incorporate our own experience in operating a successful professional services firm to provide customized systems your company needs for short and long term success.

Types of Professional Services Businesses We Serve:

  •   Engineering firms
  •   Advertising firms
  •   Marketing firms
  •   Insurance agencies
  •   Law firms
  •   Architectural firms
  •   Consulting firms
  •   Private equity and hedge fund managers


At Davidson Fox we are community-minded team with a deep rooted commitment to our nonprofit clients.  Not-for-profit organizations face high expectations of transparency, corporate governance and accountability.  With organizational and personal reputations on the line, you can’t afford to trust a firm that lacks the experience to guide you through.

At Davidson Fox, we take your accounting, tax reporting and auditing as seriously as you do and have been serving the not-for-profit community for almost 100 years.  This experience provides us an understanding of the financial red tape that not-for-profits struggle with each year.  We help you look beyond the numbers and provide your organization with a top-down view of your operations along with strategic recommendations with an eye towards the future.

Types of Not-for-profit Organizations We Serve:

  •   Hospitals & healthcare organizations
  •   Private foundations
  •   Scientific and educational institutions
  •   Economic development organizations
  •   Charities and social service organizations
  •   Churches
  •   Professional and trade associations
  •   Arts and cultural organizations

Funeral Homes

Over the years Davidson Fox has been successful in helping death care professionals with tax preparation and tax consulting services.  Regardless of whether your funeral home is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you minimize your end-of-year tax bill and assist you in preparing accurate tax returns. 

We take a long-term approach to managing your taxes which takes into consideration the long term effects of decisions made today to ensure a positive impact on the success of your funeral home in years to come.  We also help your business stay compliant in an industry where federal, state and local  tax laws become more complex every year.