When developers, real estate professionals and contractors need accounting and tax services from a firm with an experienced group of professionals, they turn to Davidson Fox.  We stay ahead of regulatory changes and develop tax strategies so that we can best serve your needs through our innovative solutions and service offerings.

There are several factors that are instrumental in staying profitable under today’s challenging conditions facing real estate professionals & construction companies:  Limited financing options in our current tumultuous economic conditions, a fiercely competitive market that causes daily trials and tribulations, and the struggle to continuously maintain profitability throughout it all.  This is why at Davidson Fox, we work with you during all stages of your business from initial funding to tax planning and future forecasting.

Types of Real Estate & Construction Businesses We Serve:

  •   Commercial and residential developers
  •   Mixed-use land developers
  •   Contractors
  •   Commercial and multifamily property owners
  •   Property management companies
  •   Hotel developers
  •   Real estate brokers and mortgage companies
  •   Golf course resort developers and operators
  •   Condominium and resort developers
  •   HVAC & plumbing contractors

Services We Provide for Real Estate & Construction Businesses:

  •   Traditional audits
  •   Daily bookkeeping
  •   Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliations
  •   Real estate tax protests
  •   Licensing issues
  •   Profitability studies
  •   Construction audit consulting
  •   Company start-up
  •   Review of standard leases
  •   Financial forecasts
  •   Annual budgeting
  •   Job costing

Tax Services

  •   Real estate tax protests
  •   Construction tax planning
  •   State and local tax planning including sale and use tax
  •   State and local tax issues

Fill out the form on this page or call 607-722-5386 to learn more about our accounting services for real estate & construction businesses in the greater Binghamton area.  We’ve helped many clients in the real estate and construction sectors maximize their bottom line by implementing our customized accounting solutions, and we will be just as dedicated to helping your business succeed.