The manufacturing industry is known for changing regulations, supply cost fluctuations, varying economic conditions and fierce competition.  Keeping track of changes in the manufacturing sector can be daunting, but keeping on track to hit profit targets can present another set of challenges.

Helping our manufacturing clients keep ahead of the curve is what we do best at Davidson Fox.  We go beyond traditional tax and audit services to become more than just your accounting firm, we work to become an integral part of your business.  Our experienced team of accounting professionals work with you and your team to implement enhancements that help you stay aware of industry changes to stay profitable and keep ahead of the competition.

Manufacturing Businesses We Serve:

  •   Oilfield product manufacturers
  •   Automotive equipment manufacturers
  •   Aerospace equipment manufacturing
  •   Military defense contractors
  •   Food processing equipment
  •   Specialty plastics manufacturing
  •   Tool and die/machine shops
  •   And more

Services for Manufacturing Businesses:

  •   Cost accounting (to assist with reporting and/or pricing)
  •   Cost segregation for your facilities
  •   Developing new and/or improved product lines
  •   Geographical Expansion
  •   Increasing profit and margins
  •   Boosting operating efficiencies
  •   Assistance with mergers/acquisitions
  •   Controlling costs and outside risks
  •   Establishing disaster prevention and recovery processes
  •   IT selection projects for administration and plant operations
  •   Managing manufacturing systems applications software

Tax Services

  •   Strategies for minimizing taxes, including estate and financial planning
  •   Employment tax credits related to plant, distribution and administrative employees
  •   State and local tax consulting manufacturer’s credit
  •   Corporate tax services
  •   Individual tax services

Accounting and Auditing Services

  •   Overhead/expense analysis
  •   Forecasts
  •   Equipment depreciation scheduling
  •   Projections
  •   Budget development
  •   Structured retirement planning

Fill out the form on this page or call 607-722-5386 to learn more about our accounting services for manufacturing businesses in the greater Binghamton area.  We’ve helped many clients in the manufacturing sector maximize their bottom line by implementing our customized accounting solutions, and we will be just as dedicated to helping your manufacturing business succeed.